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Gas stripping from light pressure in the Orion Nebula
The Dandelion Cluster is a group of stars located 5000 light years away from us, backdropped by the center of the galaxy.  This cluster collapsed from a large gas cloud about 200 million years ago and weighs about 300 solar masses.  Remnants of the cloud are visible, blocking light from the stars behind them.  There are so many stars….

Eta Carinae Nebula
Eye of the Cosmos
The accretion disk of a supermassive black hole.

This image is of one of the most violent, energetic events in the entire universe.  The accretion disk of the black hole at the center of the lower galaxy is expelling a jet of relativistic plasma. Thousands of solar masses of dust and gas are accelerated to 270000000 meters per second (0.9c) and ejected in a concentrated beam of high energy particles.  This beam is tearing into and reflecting off of the galaxy at the top, which is falling towards the active galaxy.  Every star, planet and moon in this galaxy is being violently impacted by a dense stream of cosmic rays, boiling oceans, stripping atmospheres, causing intense aurora and destroying complex molecules.  Trillions of worlds are being vaporized.

NGC 2442

NGC 891, an edge on spiral galaxy.

Looking inwards on the center of our galaxy.
Trifid Nebula
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