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Lives in Nitrogen-Oxygen Atmosphere
270 K - 300 K
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garik asked: Where ya been?

I’ve been wandering city streets at midnight, exploring ocean shores in windstorms, and climbing Ponderosa Pines on a mountaintop. I’ve found fossils that I can’t explain and watched clouds wash across the landscape in giant atmospheric waves. I’ve navigated worlds of human thought, both inside and outside of my head. I’ve participated in the resonating patterns of sound and emotion that ripple between nervous systems. I’ve danced in unexpected places and watched the full moon rise. I’ve filled my mind with more than it can ever understand, which is just the way I like it.

Magnetic loops of solar plasma

Ecoli bacterium
Molecular Soup;
Yellow: Polymerized Deoxyribonucleic acids. Dark histones and structural proteins.
Red: DNA polymerase, Topisomerase, regulating nanomachinery.
Pink: Messenger RNA and Transfer RNA.  Purple: Ribosomes
Blue: Actin, Tubulin, sugars, Proteosomes and ATP.
Green: Flagellum. ATP synthase. Ion channels. Integrins, Lipoproteins.
White: Peptidogylcan
Planet Earth has a complex layered soup of molecules. Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen , and Phosphorus exist in an abundance of molecular shapes. Life is the intense interactions of many hypercomplex seed crystals in a saturated solution of organic precursors. The interference patterns of waves of crystallization create replicating fractal chemical entities.
60s Ribsome

A ribosome is composed of two subunits, each of which is composed of a single RNA chains and proteins bound on its outside.  The molecular movements of this complex provide a very specific catalyst for the creation of amino-acid chains in the order of another RNA strand.  The ribosome may have started as a useful molecule that catalyzed the formation of any amino acid chain, and then mutants of that molecule gained specificity.  Short amino acid chains originally may have been co-factors of RNA ribozymes, including the proto-ribsome.
This is a trigonally symmetrical RNA complex linked to two proteins in the enzyme RNA polymerase.  RNA polymerase uses a DNA template to create a strand of RNA, which can crystallize into a ribozyme or be translated into a protein by a ribosome This molecule must have evolved in time immediately after the origin of life.  

RNA polymerase
This ribozyme is composed of two identical interlocked RNA crystals, which are trigonally symmetrical RNA molecule complexes.  This ribozyme catalyzes the formation of new RNA strands, it may be similar to self-replicating nucleic crystals involved in the origin of life.  
These two identical interlocking RNA sequences form will spontaneously bond to each other in solution.  This is crystallization, the same pattern that forms ice crystals, salts, and minerals.  This ribozyme has molecular properties that assist the crystallization of ribosomes by acting as a binding site for ribosome RNA components.
Ribozyme Ligase
"Tat Tvam Asi" -Thou art that. That you are.
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