Infinity Imagined
Multicellular Organic
Neural Network
Lives in Nitrogen-Oxygen Atmosphere
270 K - 300 K
Eats, Breathes, Thinks, Creates
Some thoughts for you

This process is a mutual exchange of information.   I would like to say Namaste!

Together, we are thinking.  The internet connects organisms like axons connect neurons.  I cannot directly translate my experience to you, but I can provide you with the raw materials to generate your experience.

Every communication is a seed that grows into a vast tree of thoughts and actions that extends out across this planet, into the universe, reaching out forever in space and time.   A direct chain of causality links your very existence with the entire future of the universe!   

Awareness is a cooperation between the dynamic cellular system of the body, and the vast external environment, the universe.  The two are unified in experience, your brain and the universe create experience together.  Your mind and the entire cosmos are the same system, an entity that creates and re-creates back into itself.

In this present moment, you are an assembly of atoms that is being influenced by the ocean of atoms surrounding you.  Their gravity, electromagnetic fields, and the photons that they emit or reflect, are directly influencing every atom in your body. 

The reason that you are aware, here and now, in this present moment, is because you are a manifested, localized arrangement of matter and energy at a particular location of spacetime.  You are changing from one thing into another, and that change is recursive, it causes continual feedback into the change process.   You are the environment manifesting self awareness.

As we see the cosmos, we are the cosmos.

That said, here are some parts of the universe that you may enjoy being connected to.

thesecamefrommybrain   app1ejuice   re-generate  

hexapod  synaptic stimuli   amiquote

Dione.  Sunlight and Saturnlight.
The word planet comes from the greek πλανήτης (planítis) meaning “wanderer” or “traveler”. The word seems more accurate now than it was 4000 years ago, because now we know that the planets, our own and others, are wandering through a vast and infinite cosmic sea of trillions of stars.

Mass and time are intertwined

Everything travels at the speed of light.  Objects with mass (atoms) travel at the speed of light through time.  Objects without mass (photons) travel at the speed of light through space.  The more an object with mass travels through space, the less it travels through time.

It is fundamental to the evolution of our species that we recognize that we are a process working with nature, not against it.

Evidence for dopamine release during pleasurable music listening. : Nature Neuroscience (via @melissapierce)
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