Infinity Imagined
Multicellular Organic
Neural Network
Lives in Nitrogen-Oxygen Atmosphere
270 K - 300 K
Eats, Breathes, Thinks, Creates
Cross section of the stem of a mature marijuana plant.
Cross section of the stem of a baby marijuana plant.
Light micrograph of a marijuana trichome.  Supporting cells create a tube, and resinous material is stored on the top of this tube.  The original function of trichomes was to capture pollen and defend against insects.
Marijuana Trichomes on a leaf.
Scanning electron micrograph of a trichome of a marijuana plant.
Scanning electron micrograph of marijuana trichromes.
Scanning electron micrograph of the pistil of a marijuana plant.
I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite plants; a symbiotic friend of all mankind.
When a system feeds into itself, that’s consciousness.
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