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hologram: Saturn’s rings, photographed by Cassini, 18th January 2007.
Images taken as Cassini moves from one side of the ring plane to the other, neatly showing how the rings look in reflected and transmitted light (brighter and darker, respectively).
Image credit: NASA/JPL/SSI. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

Eruption of the Tvashtar volcano on Jupiter’s moon Io, photographed by New Horizons, 1 March 2007, during its gravity-assist Jupiter flyby on its way to Pluto.  I’ve brightened the pictures so that some detail on the darker part of Io is clearer.
The gif covers about 8 minutes of real time.  If you count pixels and look up Io’s diameter, it looks like the plume’s “only” being thrown up to an altitude of 200km or so.  But in fact the volcano is in the opposite hemisphere to the one we see here (albeit at a high latitude of about 67 degrees), and the plumes are reaching a height of over 300km.
There is much more detail about this volcano at the Gish Bar Times blog.

Polar vortex on Saturn, photographed by Cassini, 27 November 2012.  See also a processed version by Kevin McAbee at Emily Lakdawalla’s blog, where the effect of Saturn’s rotation and the camera’s perspective are corrected for.

A spinal cord.

Sunglint catches the irrigation canals of these Mexican farmers.

Crazed patchwork of farms in Central Asia, a monochromatic 3D hallucination in the snow.

NGC 4038/4039: The Antennae Galaxies

omega nebula.
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